Epic Modern Interior Design Ideas

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The most epic designs you will come across are far from boring and predictable. Although there are rules in modern interior design, there is still room for individual creativity and personal style. What colors do you like? What shapes do you find interesting? Do you prefer squares, circles or asymmetric objects? How can you integrate these shapes and colors into your design? 

In your living room, identify one piece of furniture, wall art or accessory that will take charge of the room, then design the rest of the room around that item. What is the story behind that piece? Where was it made? How did you discover it? Did you have problems mounting it or getting it situated? The answers to these questions will help to form a part of the story you can share. Everyone loves a good story!

If you like to travel, incorporating souvenirs from your travels is a great way to build the character of your home. Despite the modern theme, feel free to integrate a few historic elements that will tell the story of  the past through a modern presentation.

Do you have an old property you wish to transform? Start with the updating the flooring and add a fresh coat of paint to the walls. Remove old and worn furniture. Re-purpose, re-stain and re-paint the ones you wish to keep.

Check out these modern interior design concepts. What elements stand out to you the most?

12 Photos of the Epic Modern Interior Design Ideas

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