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Mirror made of driftwood

Days spent at the beach with your toes in the sand and enjoying the gentle breeze are the highlight of the summer and something many people look forward to throughout the entire year.

For those fortunate enough to own second homes near beaches, this lifestyle is not only readily accessible, but one that is enjoyed often. For others, there are still ways to enjoy beach vibes for as long as you see fit.

Beach home decor is light, relaxing and versatile (as it is suitable for both warm and cool color schemes). Whether you’re decorating your living space to resemble a summer home or you’re looking to redecorate your beach home, there are some elements of beach home decor that you can implement to incorporate the feel.


As a general rule of thumb to guide your beach home designing, there are certain materials that are found in modern beach homes and will immediately incorporate the laid back feel you’re looking for.

These materials include warm or distressed woods, rope, wicker and floral, tropical or oceanic patterns and images.

Materials like these can be incorporate by introducing things like distressed wood flooring, wicker furniture, picture frames and other artwork housed in frames made of driftwood, etc.

Don’t overlook the impact accent pieces can have on rounding out your beach home designs. Accent pieces complete your efforts by reinforcing the environment you’ve set out to create.


Colors commonly found in beach home designs include blues, greens and yellows. This is because these colors remind of us the water, lush landscapes and sunsets, which are all the elements we love so much about visiting the beach.

Perhaps the most popular color for beach home designs is white. The expansive use of white helps to open up a space and make rooms feel open and airy. It also makes incorporating other bolder design elements easier because there is no other colors or patterns to clash with.

Accent pieces are a great way to bring in these common beach home colors. Look for items like lamps, clocks, accent tables, etc. that feature these colors and patterns.


Furniture constructed of wood stained in warm tones like mahogany create inviting environments. Sturdy wicker furniture is also ideal because they don’t appear to be as heavy or cumbersome as traditional furniture, which emphasizes the light and relaxing feel beach homes are known for.

Purchasing furniture upholstered in tropical or nautical patterns is a strong way to influence the overall design of your beach home. This is because furniture, naturally, takes up the majority of your space and is a focal point in the home.

If that would be too much of a project to take on, consider accent pillows and drapes in those patterns that would essentially have the same effect.

12 Photos of the Beach Home Decor

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