Backyard Landscaping Ideas With Fencing

landscaping ideas

Are you looking for backyard landscaping ideas?  Start by placing a fence around the backyard for privacy. Fencing options include picket fences, board, mesh, wire, and even trees that will form a nice hedge. With a little planning, fenced backyards can become a “room” outside, and can be designed to provide comfort and relaxation.

Use high fencing

Backyard landscaping ideas that include fencing for privacy and security usually recommend about 6-8 feet (1.8 to 2.4 m) high. While designing the fence, be sure to incorporate a plan for the garden landscape. Depending on the type of fencing used, it may be sufficient to use small shrubs and flowers at the base of the fence. Choose a pair of dwarf trees to anchor the corners of the fence. The Japanese maple or a dwarf fruit tree will provide color in spring and shade during the hot summer months.

Landscaping your backyard

Create different sections of your backyard by dividing up the space. Use concrete tiles or cut stones to create various pathways. Plant the taller plants, shrubs, grasses and trees near the fence, with the shorter plants in the middle. The fence may also be used as a wall to hang artwork. Artwork made from metal, stone or wood is best suited for the outdoors, as they will be able to stand up to the weather.

Sitting area

The centers of great backyard landscaping ideas are created in such a way that individuals will want to explore the space. Provide stone benches or wrought iron seating for guests at different areas throughout the backyard.  Consider constructing a gazebo for additional seating and shade from the sun. Adding a large water feature near the seating areas is also a great way to add to the serenity of the backyard. Some homeowners may prefer a fountain, while others may choose to invest in a pond.  Water lilies and a few pet fish will add some variety and life as well.

What does your backyard look like? Could it do with some updating? Share your backyard design ideas with us!

12 Photos of the Backyard Landscaping Ideas With Fencing

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