Amazing Aztec Architecture

Architectural from Aztec Pyramid

The Aztec tribe originated in central Mexico and are known for their strong cultural and religious influences. Aztec architecture during the early years featured houses that were predominantly made from wood and loam, and the roofs of these houses were made from reed.

A strong part of Aztec architecture involves pyramids, temples and palaces, which were generally made from stone. To this day, many people visit parts of Mexico specifically for the architecture. Prayer was important to the Aztecs, who offered many prayers and religious rituals in honor of their gods.

How can you bring elements of Aztec architecture into your home? Incorporating elements of Aztec culture into your decor can be done in a number of different ways. You can use Aztec relics as accessories around the home. Aztec paintings and fabrics may also be incorporated into your designs to achieve a more authentic look. The cultural fabrics are great for using as curtains, throws and cushion covers. A talented seamstress or designer can assist you in making the best use of your fabrics to create stunning native pieces for use in your decor.

New Pyramid Aztec Architecture in Dubai

Are you inspired by ancient cultures and Aztec architecture? If you have managed to incorporate any of the above suggestions into your designs, we would love to see how you did it. Share some pictures with us!

22 Photos of the Amazing Aztec Architecture

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