Unique, Antique And Historic Architectural Salvage

Wrought Iron Lamp Architectural Salvage

Salvage from demolished buildings or houses can be recycled into useful materials that can be used in your home. Architectural salvage is any item of architectural value that can be re-purposed and added to your own home, whether indoors or outdoors. Salvages from building materials can be used as decorative and functional pieces in the home. Wooden decorative pieces of hardware items can be used as embellishments for doors and windows, as well for wall accent pieces.

The front door of your house is the first thing seen by guests when visiting your home. Old doors that have been discarded, that have antique architecture and appeal to you can be re-stained and used on your house. Especially if you know the origin of the item, it will be great to share the story with your guests. Your home will look beautiful and feel comfortable with the charming antique pieces of architecture.

Architectural Salvage Old House

Recycling some of these items is great for the environment, and on an economical level, the sale of architectural salvage provides an income for those individuals involved in the trade. These merchants have an important role in heritage preservation, and are an important part of keeping cultures alive.  Some cities in the United States that are known for rich salvage items include, San Diego, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Sarasota and Denver.

Do you have any salvage items in your home? Share the story of those items with us!

42 Photos of the Unique, Antique And Historic Architectural Salvage

Wrought Iron Lamp Architectural SalvageWest End Lamp from Vintage Architectural SalvageWest End Architectural Salvage Wall Ornament in scrolling flower motifVintage Wooden Architectural Salvage FragmentVintage Architectural Salvage Ampersand Sign Letter SignageUnique Sarasota Architectural SalvageSilverlake Architectural SalvageSilver Iron Findings Architectural Salvage San DiegoSarasota Architectural Salvage, Historic, Antique & UniqueSarasota Architectural Salvage Los AngelesSan Diego Architectural Salvage Thanksgiving Decor CandleRepurposed Antique Architectural Salvage Kansas CityHoston Architectural SalvageHistoric and Unique Building Architectural Salvage Kansas CityCrown City Architectural Salvage in ChicagoColumbus Architectural Salvage - Large Pendant Light FixtureColumbus Architectural Salvage - Brass Handrail BracketColumbus Architectural Salvage - Antique Oval Pedestal Sink

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