A Law Firm With Game Room?

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Can work be mixed with play? Absolutely! A law firm is often thought of as place that is stodgy and boring. However, the firm does not have to be a boring place where workers go to ‘suffer’ on a daily basis. Integrating elements of play with work is good for helping employees to clear their heads to be better focused on work. It is great for de-stressing and will help employees to be a bit more sociable.

A game room with multiple gaming options is worth considering. Employees will find it difficult to be 100 per cent  productive all the time. Rest and relaxation will allow  them to recharge and be better able to focus, without falling into exhaustion. Many of the modern-day companies such as Google and other technology start-ups have been known to use recreational rooms as a means of promoting creativity. Many of these companies have gone on to become some of the most successful in the world.

Balance is important, of course

By no means should companies seek to have their employees playing all day long. Therefore, there must be some amount of balance. Recreation time should not hinder productivity, but instead, it should serve as a tool to promote it.

Is there a game room in your office or law firm? Has it helped the employees to be more productive? Or has it been a distraction? Share your stories with us!

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