The 3 Elements Of Outdoor Design

Courtyard Fountain Design

During the spring and summer, it is quite natural to spend time outdoors relaxing and entertaining. An effective outdoor design is one that takes these three important elements into consideration.

1. Landscaping Do’s and Don’ts

Even before seeing your house people will notice your landscaping, or lack thereof.

Here are a few things to consider when hashing out a landscaping plan for your curb and backyard. Make sure that the landscape complements your house. Keep it budget-friendly and do not overuse exotic flowers or trees. Keep enough space for the kids to run around and play.

2. Outdoor Design Elements

An actively used outdoor space will require some amount of furnishings. Your furniture choice will help to set the tone for your outdoor design. If you are going for a warm and friendly vibe, then plush seating is recommended. Group your seating options around the backyard to use up the space, and to give your guests a chance to socialize in small, intimate groups. If you are going for a more upscale look, use wrought iron or wooden furniture.

In addition, do not overuse the color white in your outdoor design. Add colors that will brighten up the space and make it fun and interesting. The design should not be too complex. Too many accessories will spoil your design, so keep it simple, but well-coordinated.  Be sure to have a path from every angle to your house. This will keep visitors off your lawns and away from your garden.

3. Water Is Life!

Water is an essential part of outdoor design. The right water features can make your home look  and feel like an oasis. You can use the swimming pool as the centerpiece for your design, or maybe a large water fountain. If you will not have the time or resources to properly maintain a water feature, eliminate it from your outdoor design. If you live in an area with drastic changes in the weather, make preparations accordingly. Finally, do not leave children unattended around bodies of water.

If you are able to properly integrate these three elements in your outdoor design, you will be well on your way to creating an amazing concept.

12 Photos of the The 3 Elements Of Outdoor Design

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