10 Great Summer Decor Ideas

Sand Centerpieces for Your Tables

With summer around the corner, there are many wonderful outdoor decorating ideas that you can implement in and around your home.  Depending on the space you have available, you can brighten up any outdoor area and add wonderful decorative ideas that will not only impress your guests, but allow you to make the most out of your outdoor spaces.

Adding Stripes

One great idea to start with is to decorate with stripes.  You can use painter’s tape, unadorned canvas drop cloth or even fabric paint to achieve this. From tablecloths to seat cushions, play with stripes of various colors and designs . A striped theme will look great outdoors, especially if you have a swimming pool or lake nearby and you are trying to create a boating or sailing theme.

Enjoy Your Sunroom

You can brighten up your sunroom with brightly colored pillows that are printed with different images and shapes. Since it’s summer, why not go for bright colors like yellow, orange or red? You can also learn how to make your own sunroom cushions and get even more creative when working on your own custom designs. Sunroom pillows may be used in your outdoor seating areas as well.

Creative Deck Chairs

Instead of settling for just any print available, make your own outdoor deck chair cushions using inexpensive pillows and the fabric of your choice. You can blend two or more colors for even more creativity. Deck chairs are perfect for the summer and will allow you can enjoy your time alongside your pool area in style.

Outdoor Dining Setup

As the long summer days melt into balmy nights, ease the transition by dining outdoors under a private starry dome of twinkling candles. Outdoor dining is always enjoyable, especially with close family members.

Paper Lantern Vases

A great creative idea is to make  a vase to match your flowers with a Chinese paper lantern and a small drinking glass. You can choose any color combination and have them match your existing decor perfectly.

Shaded String Lights

Shaded string lights are decorative, creative and beautiful. You can cover the bulbs in shades made from chartreuse and turquoise vellum. You can also combine different colors to make it even more interesting.

Tiki-Torch Anchors

Decorating your yard with tiki-torches are an inexpensive and festive way to bring that island style home, and to light up the night without electricity. It’s easy to do, beautiful to look at and quite  unique. You can even do this as your next DIY project.

A Casual Outdoor Room

Adding a creative outdoor room is the perfect way to entertain your guests. Pillowed seats and potted plants create the perfect setting for an outdoor dinner on the deck or under a gazebo.

Outdoor Light Columns

Outdoor light columns are not only beautiful, but they are quite modern too. You can use paper-inspired light columns that stand on both sides of your swimming pool to create a beautiful and inviting environment outdoors.

Sand Centerpieces

Light up a table with sand-and-shell centerpieces reminiscent of the beach. Feel free to add designer glass vases, filling them partly with light colored sand – beach sand is perfect – and add small candles inside. You can also decorate these with extra pebbles for a more dramatic effect.

Which of these ideas will you consider in your summer decor plans?

10 Photos of the 10 Great Summer Decor Ideas

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